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Clutch City Moto 2024 Honda® CRF150R Expert Christmas Giveaway

Clutch City Moto 2024 Honda® CRF150R Expert Christmas Giveaway

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Clutch City Moto 2024 Honda® CRF150R Expert Christmas Giveaway

🏁🎄 Unleash the Roar: Win a 2024 Honda CRF150R Expert in our Christmas Giveaway! 🎄🏍️

Get ready to kick your holiday spirit into high gear because we've got the ultimate gift that will make your heart race faster than a motocross track! 🎁🏁

Introducing the Clutch City Moto 2024 Honda CRF150R Expert Christmas Giveaway – your chance to own the thrilling power of a brand new 2024 Honda CRF150R Expert and start fast to finish first on the track!

🔥 Why the CRF150R Expert?
Picture this: A bike built to win, designed for those who crave the taste of victory. The CRF150R Expert isn't just a motorcycle; it's a powerhouse of high-performance engineering, featuring the exclusive Honda Unicam® engine – light, compact, high-revving, and powerful. With bigger wheels and a longer swingarm, it's tailored for taller riders, ensuring a perfect fit for your motocross dreams.

🏆 Your Road to Victory:
You don't just win once; you win twice with the Honda Red Rider Rewards Program. Conquer the track and reap the rewards, making every ride a celebration of victory. This Christmas, we're turning up the excitement and giving you the chance to make this incredible machine yours!

💸 Entry Details:
For a mere $10 per entry, you could be the proud owner of a $6000+ motorcycle that's ready to dominate the dirt. It's not just a raffle; it's your golden ticket to unleashing the roar of the CRF150R Expert and leaving the competition in the dust.

🎉 How to Enter:

Secure your entries at $10 each. (*unlimited entries*)

Use the Add To Cart Button and complete the checkout process. 

Buckle up and wait for your name to be called as the lucky winner of the 2024 Honda CRF150R Expert!

Imagine the thrill of roaring down the track on your very own CRF150R Expert, the wind in your hair, and victory within reach.

It all starts with a $10 entry – the best investment you'll make this holiday season.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your motocross dreams a reality. Enter now, rev up your chances, and let the holidays take a turn for the extraordinary!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


At Honda, we produce a whole line of bikes built for fun. But when you’re talking about a CRF150R or CRF150R Expert, you’re talking about a pair of bikes built to win. Offering two sizes means you can pick which one is right for your future champion based on how tall they are—the bikes’ engine, frame, and power output are the same. The Expert has bigger wheels and a longer swingarm, so you’ll find it fits taller riders a bit better. Both feature our high-performance Unicam® engine, a Honda exclusive that’s light, compact, high-revving and powerful. If you want to find out what victory tastes like, get on a Honda CRF150R or a CRF150R Expert.

If you’re serious about getting on the podium, you know your best chance is when you Ride Red. And this year, we’re giving you even more incentive through our Honda Red Rider Rewards Program. You win twice—once on the track, and again at the bank! Check out our Red Rider Rewards Program to learn more.



CRF150R / EXPERT IS INTENDED FOR CLOSED-COURSE OPERATION ONLY. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, AND PLEASE RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT. OBEY THE LAW AND READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL THOROUGHLY. Showa® is a registered trademark of Showa Mfg., Inc. CRF®, Unicam® and Pro-Link® are registered trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. ©?2022 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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